plug in to eCommerce

Fast, Reliable, and Secure Merchant Processing

Traffic Mapping

Traffic Mapped, Validated, and Verified

Consumer Mapping

Visitors Classified, Mapped, and Traced Before Clicking a Button

Data Scrubbing and Verification

Data Verification, Mapping, Validated and Risk Assessment at the First Stage of Acquisition

Transaction Scrubbing

Automatically Run Through the FraudFish Network to stop fraud before it even occurs

What do we do?

Secure Transaction Processing

Security. Speed. Reliability. These three attributes are the tenants of our basic transaction processing. Our transaction processing begins as a simple processing platform but can be customized in an almost innumerable amount of ways to customize the features and performance to meet your needs. We strive to provide our clients with the flexibility to utilize our tools individually, in combination, and in configurable fashion to build the processing system they need.

Advanced Fraud Screening and Predictive Threat Assessment

Through the utilization of all of our technologies, our manual threat reviews as well as artificial intelligence engines, we make use of the latest in Bayesian probability, Posterior predictive, Principles of indifference, Principles of maximum entropy application with Cromwell application in addition to our proprietary interpretive engines to determine pattern recognition, relevance, and apply these findings to determine fraudulent information probability and present the findings as a simple probability of 0%-100% of the passage of fraudulent information.

Advanced Geo Targeting

Updated daily, and utilizing the latest in available technology as well as combining available information from several dozen private, public and government institutions, our GeoGraphic mapping technology is second to none.

Consumer Demographic Mapping

Through years of reputable contributions to the anti-fraud community, vWallet has established relationships with identity confirmation services as well as developed an extensive suite of traffic pattern identification algorithms enabling us to fingerprint and identify consumers with extreme accuracy and hundreds of points of demographic information for website and order funnel optimization.

Consumer Information Filtering, Verification, Mapping and Storage

Through our proprietary suite of services, we can filter and verify prospective consumers, members and users through our state of the art algorithms and relationships with identify verification services.

Complete Integration of Suite of Services

Although each of our services can be used individually, the entire suite of vWallet services can be combined to create the ultimate in secure transaction processing. Through your personal portal, individual features can be enabled, disabled, and fine tuned to create the perfect combination to maximize security and profitability.