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Tangible Experience

Marketing agencies are alike in one;
ironic aspect they all claim to be different.
At Stewardship Marketing Services,
our office is virtual and the difference is real.


The old agency model was for a different time,

and that time is past! Time was that ad agencies were temples of creativity, prosperity and cool. It made sense for a time when face-to-face meant in the same place. But really who has the time for meetings “at the agency” these days? And who’s paying for that gorgeous space?

A discount agency?

It’s the most common client complaint — the bait and switch. They’re pitched by the A-Team but get an inexperienced B-Team for the day-to-day. Why? Clients with today’s budgets can’t afford the A-Team, and the reason is simple. Around 50¢ of every dollar of agency fees is sucked up to maintain that impressive headquarters. You get what you pay for…a hip, cool environment for your inexperienced team. Is that what you wanted?

The employees of SMS have an average of 18 years

…average! We’re pros, the kind of workers who can mother and market effectively in the same space. Our clients are better for it; our product is better for it; and our families are better for it. And you get an A-Team every day at the hourly rate you’re used to paying for the B-Team.



Budget and Brand Stewardship

Stewardship is an “old-fashioned” word, but not an old-fashioned concept for us. As a strategic marketing communications firm, our clients entrust us with their treasure — their budgets, brands and reputations — with the expectation that we will safeguard them, manage them and increase their value! At SMS we treat our clients’ businesses as our own with a fiduciary responsibility to grow them responsibly.


In biology, symbiosis occurs when different species cooperate for each other’s good. We believe strongly in the symbiosis of customer, client and agency. Businesses that focus on delivering outstanding value to their customers thrive and prosper, and client/agency partnerships built on responsibility, respect, integrity and trust produce exceptional rates of return on investment. At SMS our relationships with our employee partners and client partners are long…so long we stopped wanting to talk about it. Suffice it to say, the employee partner team members have a professionalism and cohesion that our clients wish to invest in for the long term.


Relevancy of communication produces efficiency and brand value. In the near term it leads to campaigns that hit their return objectives. In the longer term, it produces increased brand value. Customers know that when they receive relevant, valuable communications, they are respected. That respect is returned via increased lifetime value and virality.


Respectful, relevant, well-planned communication campaigns hit their ROI target, leading to increased profitability growth. Profitability and growth create freedom — to increase quality, to innovate, to enhance the lives of all stakeholders.

Through his 35 plus years of agency experience Jerry McRuer has always promoted the practice of immersive client focus. An agency’s success is entirely dependent on creating successful campaigns for its clients’ brands. At SMS we’re our clients’ brands’ biggest cheerleaders and most tireless advocates. It’s this client-centered philosophy that led Jerry to blow-up the traditional agency model with Stewardship Marketing Services. Clients don’t need to pay for agency overhead, and in a digital world, professional employees don’t need to waste their time commuting to an office. Creativity and a full-time service commitment don’t punch a clock!

Prior to creating SMS, Jerry co-founded and led Direct Partners for 23 years, a highly-regarded California marketing agency that served such notable clients as M&M/Mars, Nissan, Sony Computer Entertainment, World Wrestling Entertainment, Mitsubishi Motors, Disney and many more.

The best part of the SMS model – we’re experienced professionals that build long-term client partnerships. We’re not driven by the “billable hour.” We take the time to do every job right. Why not start a conversation today? Give Jerry a call. He loves to talk about brands and how they can reach their full potential in the marketplace.

Biz Strategy

I’m Jerry McRuer, President of Stewardship Marketing Services, and I want to hear about your business! I am an unabashed business metrics geek and I would love to hear about what makes your business tick — the measurements, the metrics and your efforts to improve them. I am delighted to get on the phone with you for a free hour of listening, learning, affirming and advising. Let’s set up a time.

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