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“I believe ‘Amazing Grace’ is the greatest song ever written.”

Why does Kenny Youmans say this?  Because of the song’s history, because of its endurance, and most of all, because of its effects – what it has done for so many people over the years.

Inspirational speaker and storyteller Kenny Youmans brings the song to life.  Listen to this story, and you’ll understand why “Amazing Grace” has been recorded over 6,500 times and remains one of the most popular songs ever written.

The Amazing Grace Story Full Length CD

A Riveting 25-minute Presentation by Kenny Youmans

Audiences demanded it, and now it’s here. Kenny Youmans’ “Amazing Grace Story” is now available on CD. Perfect for groups when a live presentation is not possible, and ideal for gift-giving to anyone who loves music, inspirational talks, or just a heart-warming great story.

(832) 342-9841

The Storyteller

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Kenny Youmans has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences for years with his captivating retelling of new and familiar stories. He speaks to church groups, civic clubs, business organizations, and conventions on a variety of topics, including the perennial favorite, “The Story of Amazing Grace,” now available on CD.

After retiring from a distinguished 36-year career in the financial and insurance industry, in which he earned the distinction of being one of the top 50 agents in North America, Kenny has expanded his commitment to inspirational speaking. He is now available for booking engagements throughout the southeast.



“Kenny was recently our guest speaker at Fresh Start Ministries.  He told the story and history of the song “Amazing Grace.”  He also shared how we all need to forgive  –  not only do we need to forgive others, we need to forgive ourselves.

The men were inspired and were encouraged to continue “fighting the fight.”  For recovering alcoholics it’s  a never ending battle.  The men gave Kenny a standing ovation and each man individually gave Kenny a hug at the end of the program.”

Pastor Joe Candovano, Executive Director , Fresh Start Ministries of Central FL
“Just want to say I enjoyed your presentation on Amazing Grace at the First Baptist. What a blessing!  God has truly blessed you and blesses so many through you  –  I truly felt  the Holy Spirit.”
Sammie Houston , Member of First Baptist Church Highlands

“Because John Newton responded to God’s call in his life, we are now blessed by enjoying what I personally believe to be the greatest hymn ever written. Now that is truly ‘amazing grace.’”

Robert Hewitt, CEO, Hewitt Properties Inc.

“This amazing story is not only a walk through history, it’s a lesson in faith.   Kenny captivated the whole Church with his talk and I am blessed for having heard and seen his presentation.”

Rev. Paul Christy, Highlands United Methodist Church